Prevention Means Living for the Future

Posted on February 22, 2016 in mammography

An adorable reminder, brought to you by people you adore…

Breast health is personal. It’s you, taking care of your body.

But it’s also family, friends, loved ones… every time you take care of yourself, you are expressing your care for others.

You are loved and cared for. We want you to have a long, healthy life. And early detection saves lives - a lot.

So when you schedule your mammogram, know that you’re doing good - real good, the kind that others will appreciate (whether you tell them about it or not - but we encourage sharing the word.) When you perform your self exams, go in for your CBEs, get exercise, quit smoking… every little thing you do to take care of you, we appreciate. We as doctors and care-givers, we want what’s best for you. And we bet you can probably think of some precious people in your life who do too.




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