Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and Imaging Guided Therapies

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Ultrasound can be used to evaluate many complaints involving joints and extremities. Ultrasound is safe for all ages and uses no radiation. Images are obtained using high frequency sound waves and powerful computers. The exams can be performed with the patient in any position. Images can be obtained in “real time” which allows us to observe anatomy in motion so that specific disorders of joints, muscles and nerves can be diagnosed.

For further listing of structures and findings appropriate for evaluation with ultrasound, referring clinicians can refer to our more complete information here.

Imaging guided therapies are being used more frequently to treat a wide variety of complaints involving the musculoskeletal system. These may be guided by ultrasound or in some cases by fluoroscopy. The procedures are safe, well-tolerated and accomplished in a short time.

A complete listing of potential therapies available at our facilities is provided for our referring physicians here.

What to Expect

No patient preparation is needed for musculoskeletal ultrasound or for the image guided therapies. You may be asked to change into a gown, depending on the body part being evaluated. You will be positioned on a table with the position dependent on your symptoms and what we are evaluating or treating. For ultrasound, images are obtained with special transducers or probes that are passed over the area of interest after applying warm gel.