41 Action News Notes Our Affordability, High Quality of Care

41 Action News Notes Our Affordability, High Quality of Care

As we face an increasingly complex debate on healthcare, payment and insurance, we recognize that our patients are likely experiencing frustrations and uncertainty – as all of us in health care are also experiencing. Because these times are uncertain, we want to remind you that you have choices in where you spend your precious health care dollars – choices and the power to make those choices.


We would like to share a segment with you from 41 Action News that aired this week discussing ways to save money on your health care expenditures. We’re grateful for their acknowledgement of something that matters to us a great deal – your best possible health care.


We care passionately about providing top-quality, patient-centered, affordable imaging care. We, as doctors who own and run our own clinics, have strived to keep our costs low. We provide the best imaging care when you need it. As focused on in the news piece, it’s good to remember that you have a choice when selecting where you go to get your imaging. Our prices range from hundreds to thousands less than other locations in our city.


The 41 Call for Action story was designed to help consumers, highlighting how and where you can save healthcare dollars – and they cited us. We are grateful for this spotlight on costs and choices in health care – and will continue to work to provide you with the best possible imaging care at the lowest price.


So thank you, 41 News for bringing on the conversation: great, affordable care is available to you.




Originally published 11/26/13 on mammographykc.com.