Accept No Substitutes: Mammograms In Conjunction with, Not Instead of

Accept No Substitutes: Mammograms In Conjunction with, Not Instead of

Do you only paint half your house? Do you use only mouthwash and no toothbrush? Do you only wear one sock?

So why would you only go halfway for your health?

When it comes to breast health, the word isn’t just mammograms. It’s self-exams, it’s extra views (when necessary), it’s alternative types of imaging (when necessary). Taking care of breast health is one important piece of taking care of the whole you.

The reason some women need additional imaging of their breasts is to get the whole picture, a clearer picture. Some women have implants, dense breasts or areas of concern. When your circumstances mean that you need an MRI or ultrasound in addition to a mammogram, the key phrase is “in addition to.” Having an MRI does not substitute for a mammogram, nor the other way around.

Each type of imaging has the capacity to highlight different types of tissues. If a mammogram picks up an abnormality, it is then determined what other kind(s) of imaging may highlight the specific area and potential condition best. This is why they’re done in conjunction with each other.

So while you’re taking care of yourself, make sure to do it completely: from head to toe and everywhere inbetween. And also, in all the manners that your doctor recommends. You may not need to have additional views taken, but if you do, please be sure you get all of them.



Image Credit: Mammogram vs. MRI; source: Mitchell D. Schnall, M.D., Ph.D. University Of Pennsylvania; Copyright Public Domain.

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