Adulting by Appointment Only

Adulting by Appointment Only

Adulting. New words seem to pop up overnight, and as wordsmiths, exploring those new words and their reflection on our lives is sometimes a distracting past time. What is “adulting” and what does it mean for us? The ever-helpful Grammar Girl can explain the term at (delightful) length but really – it’s just what it sounds like.


The dentist, the well-woman exam, the mortgage payment, taking out the trash and turning down a party because of work the next day… oy vey.


All constitute the concept of doing the adult thing – or as we now can say, adulting. There are times for all of us when we wish we didn’t have to do the adult thing – when we wish someone else had to do the adulting for us! Keeping track of appointments and due dates for getting things done is one of those types of tasks that can make us feel overwhelmed.


Wouldn’t it be great if life came with some tips and tricks to make doing some of those tasks a little easier?


Ta-da! Medical appointments made simple, courtesy Lifehacker. Follow the link to an easier life! Scheduling your annual screening mammogram is easy to put-off – and there are lots of excuses that keep women from getting that potentially life-saving screening done. Why not give yourself a little help in remembering when you are due? And why not prompt yourself to remember a few other helpful things?

Prompts for scheduling appointments, medication refills and more are at your fingertips with this new digital tool. And scheduling a little downtime to celebrate your adulting, like a treat after completing that mammogram? We say it’s a perfect way to use the tool for quality adulting!