Aren’t You Too Tired To Be Reading on the Internet at This Hour?

Aren’t You Too Tired To Be Reading on the Internet at This Hour?

Goodness gracious! The time for daylight savings had passed, the sunny hours of the day are truncated for the winter and with holiday travel plans, many will be suffering from jetlag. In sum, sleep is in short supply and demand is high.


And this isn’t just a winter problem, although holidays do worsen the issue. Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, and you probably didn’t require high-level science to tell you that you could use a nap. The reasons for the need for good quality sleep are many and interesting – from the need for restoration to synthesizing ideas and improving neural pathways… sleep is nifty. (Here’s an interesting TEDtalk about sleep if you’re curious.)


Why do we care so much on Well, let’s see… whole body health IS breast health (and vice versa). We’ve mentioned that before. And sometimes we want to talk about more than just breasts. Strangely enough, things tend to come back around though. In researching this article, we came across an interesting study linking aggressive breast cancers to sleep issues. Want to guess the correlation? Sleep is good for you in so many ways!


While the benefits are many – from weight management to diabetes avoidance… there are many tips and tricks on how to accomplish a restful night’s sleep. For many, sleep is as simple as closing your eyes, while for others it is a challenge to unwind. In order to enjoy a full night’s sleep, Lifehacker did a great piece on getting the peacefulness you deserve.


You may have noticed how much cultural importance we put on the value of needing sleep, or the boasting of needing little, or the mildly judgmental blog posts (*ahem*) insisting you should get more…


What’s important to remember is that sleep is an individual need. Some people need more (teenagers) and others simply need less, while for others (the elderly) need is broken into doses throughout a day-night cycle. Whatever category you fall into – it’s yours, own it! Whether it’s 6 or 9 hours you need, take it, without apology. Find out what your natural state is, and grant yourself the grace of working towards your best possible health, one wink at a time.

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