Body Boost: Not Enough Hours… But Maybe Enough Minutes…

Body Boost: Not Enough Hours… But Maybe Enough Minutes…

We’re all fans of get-up get-going. It’s a passion for life that drives us to work hard, play hard and be our best. But sometimes, “hard” is harder than we’d like. Take exercise, for example. We like the challenge to our bodies but the time challenge can be worse!


So, here’s a little way to help yourself: take a minute. Grant yourself the grace of saying, “I might not be able to do it all – or not ALL right now – but I can do something!” If you don’t have time to go run three miles at lunchtime, do some stretches at your desk, take a quick walk to the store instead of driving, find ways to incorporate some great small habits into your larger daily ones.


There is a group called Minute Movement, which promotes physical health in increments. When things get overwhelming, take a bite at a time. Don’t get down on yourself for not being able to run marathons – get proud of yourself for using a spare moment to improve yourself!


We found this great article on Lifehacker (who doesn’t love a website that gives tips and tricks to make life easier?). It outlines some desk/office exercises that will make your days better – and don’t forget what’s good for the body is good for the brain too! Enjoy some little things that will make your life a lot better. Get moving!




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