Brain Boost: 10 Mindful Minutes

Brain Boost: 10 Mindful Minutes

Before we head off (no pun intended) with our series on the brain and imaging above the neck, we thought we’d take a quick 10 minutes to introduce the idea of an important 10 mindful minutes.  


That meditation is good for you will not surprise you. What may come as a surprise is that it’s not as hard to incorporate meditation into your daily life as one might think. There’s no special set-up required. No incense, no special outfit, no special diet. Just you – that’s all it takes.  


The brilliant Andy Puddicombe explains it all right here in a charming and insightful TEDtalk.


So give your brain a break, enjoy a healthier life and we’ll be talking more about health from the top of your head on down next week.   Have a fabulously restful weekend and don’t forget – Kansas City’s Komen Race for the Cure is Sunday! See you there!





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