Brain Boost: Meditation To Improve… Everything

Brain Boost: Meditation To Improve… Everything

As doctors who study body parts and images that often come in slices, we work to put together the big picture -striving to keep the  focus on the whole person and their health. A patient’s mental state can have a huge impact on health – both directly and indirectly.


Whether stressed or relaxed, overstimulated or bored, anxious or at ease, mental health will impact how your body is functioning and how your body can respond to stresses – such as infections and wayward cells, like cancer.


One way to help maintain a healthy state of mind is meditation. Meditation can take many forms from guided, to mantra. It need not be complicated – simple mindfulness and mental quiet for a set time each day can help bring you inner calm. Meditation has been shown to improve physical and mental health, increase compassion and while being oh-so-good for you can also be (surprise!) enjoyable.


For some basic how-to steps on meditation, we liked what we saw here. Take a deep breath and focus on your inner calm and well-being – the rest of your body will thank you!





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