Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Tomorrow!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Tomorrow!

With October fast approaching (seriously!) there’s much to get ready for… Halloween, apple picking and of course your annual screening mammogram. Why October? It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!   Awareness campaigns are wonderful things – while wearing pink doesn’t solve the problem of breast cancer it can serve to honor the fallen, bolster the warriors and remind us all of the importance of taking care of ourselves.  


So… are you taking care of YOURSELF? Here’s the checklist of things you should be doing (and we’re sure you are!):  


  …and as a bonus, wear a pink ribbon to remind your loved ones (and the occasional stranger) of the importance of breast health awareness and self-care. If you’re not sure where to start, has a wealth of information to start you (ALL) on the road to your best possible health!   And go pink!





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