Breast Implants and Mammography

Breast Implants and Mammography

Mammograms are simple, straightforward and oftentimes lifesaving procedures. Likewise, a mammogram for those who have had breast implants is also a straightforward procedure. Do not let your breast implants keep you from this important part of your breast health evaluation!


If you have breast implants, it is recommended that you obtain a digital mammogram (image is exposed on a special digital detector) as opposed to a film screen mammogram (image is exposed on film). This allows radiologists to see the breast tissue around the implant better. Additionally, because implants require special views, it is beneficial to go to a facility that is familiar with performing mammograms on patients with implants.


The biggest difference in getting a mammogram for someone with implants is simply the increased number of views taken (8 being standard for a woman with implants and 4 for a patient without implants). Special views with the implant pushed out of the way are taken so that the breast tissue can be seen without the implant obscuring the view.


A mammogram for someone with breast implants will take just a little bit longer than the usual procedure. If you’re still a little nervous, that’s okay too!  Just talk to the technologists or radiologists on staff, and they can help you understand the process and why it’s okay not worry.


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