Breast MRI After Breast Cancer

Breast MRI After Breast Cancer

One of the ways we try to gain understanding about the confusing and frustrating subject of who gets breast cancer is the study of risk factors. A number of risk factors have been identified – genetic to behavioral – in addition to many things which are NOT associated with an increased risk. Your family history matters – and even more importantly, your personal history influences subsequent risk.


If you have had breast cancer you are at risk of developing breast cancer again (assuming you still have breast tissue and have not undergone a preventative bilateral mastectomy). This doesn’t just mean recurrence of your original breast cancer, but increased risk of a new breast cancer.


Post breast cancer life requires vigilance. Here’s the good news (we are so glad to follow this with good news): recent research has shown the usefulness of breast MRIs for additional screening in women who have a personal history of breast cancer.


In a recent study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, the findings showed that MRIs can be quite helpful in this group of patients.


What does this mean for you? It means that if you’re at high risk – especially the risk associated with a personal history of breast cancer – you’re an excellent candidate for breast MR as a supplement to your routine mammographic screening.


Getting back to your best possible health after a breast cancer diagnosis takes a team. Screening of your remaining breasts for cancer will be a part of your life. For getting back to the best possible you, we love Back in the Swing as a resource for those of you who have beaten breast cancer.



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