Cancer Action, Inc.

Cancer Action, Inc.

As advocates for women’s health, we like to address topics, needs, issues and resources for everyone, everywhere. Cancer doesn’t know state lines.

On the other hand, as hometown Kansas City radiologists, we like to highlight local organizations doing vital grassroots work and helping those with health needs in our area.

Cancer Action has won our attention and for many reasons. Their mission statement helps explain why:

“As a caring community of professionals and volunteers, Cancer Action is dedicated to reducing distress and improving the quality of life for those living with, through and beyond cancer; and promote education, prevention and early detection to reduce the impact of cancer in the greater Kansas City area.”

With a broad focus of care for cancer patients of all kinds, approximately 25% of those they help are facing the challenges of breast cancer.

Cancer Action provides educational and emotional support, financial assistance services, practical and direct services,  and wellness programs. From nutritional supplements to help with transportation to a whole spectrum of other assistance, they help ease the lives of those facing the realities of a cancer diagnosis. They create ways to help those in need.

We admire and applaud what they do.

Thank you, Cancer Action. We appreciate your place in our community!




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