Catch Dr. Harrison on Fox4 Tonight!

Catch Dr. Harrison on Fox4 Tonight!

UPDATE: The clip of Dr. Harrison talking about breast health can be found here.’s very own Dr. Linda Harrison will be on the news tonight in Kansas City! We don’t mean to brag… (ok, a little bit) but we are quite proud of her! If you are near a TV during Fox 4 News at 5 (check your local listings for details)…

Dr. Harrison was asked to comment on a recent study published in the journal Cancer regarding the frequency of screening mammograms following the United States Preventative Services Task Force controversial recommendations in 2009. Many doctors, societies of doctors,  insurance companies (as well as the Affordable Care Act and Medicare) all still emphasize the importance of annual mammograms starting at age 40. This is important because early detection saves lives.  However, in late 2009, US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended a reduction in the frequency of screenings for women aged 40-49. This new study shows their recommendation had little to no impact on the general population.

The study did, however, reveal a disheartening fact: only about half of the women surveyed reported getting their annual mammogram. While mammography isn’t a perfect tool – no such thing exists – it is a proven tool to help in the fight against breast cancer in women over the age of 40.

We cannot emphasize this enough: please perform your self-exams, go in for your annual screening mammograms, and definitely come in for a diagnostic mammogram if you notice any unusual changes. We write about these things because we are passionate about women’s breast health. And occasionally, you’ll see us places other than online, touting the importance of women’s health. See you on TV tonight!



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