Celebrating Rad Techs

Celebrating Rad Techs

In the world of radiology, it’s a special week: among many things we’re celebrating our “rad techs” (that would be short for “radiological technologist” and “radically great person!”). We would like to publicly thank them for the work they do – their work is the heart of the radiology office, and their heartfelt work each and every day deserves the special recognition of this week.

Rad techs are truly “rad” in all senses of the word. The job they do requires knowledge, lifelong study, dedication, attention to detail, compassion and patience – lots of patience in dealing with often demanding radiologists! Our technologists are specialists in what they do. They are specialists, too in the way they do their jobs. Their smiling faces put patients, young and old, at ease. Their compassion and dedication shine.


Technology is amazing – we have come so far since Roentgen’s discovery of the x-ray long ago. But technology is not the most powerful part of radiology – our technologists and all of our dedicated staff fill that role every day. Our technologists make sure we get the best study possible, with the best information to get the right answers for our patients and their referring doctors.


Patients often tell us how much they appreciate the techs on our team. How much their extra care meant. How much that smile and compassion helped them.


Helping others is at the heart of their work. When they say they love their jobs, it is true. And we are so grateful and lucky to work with them.


As doctors we get to see up-close the dedication, the expertise in practice, the kind demeanors even on the hard days. So, this week we want them to know, we appreciate all that they do. Our rad techs are the best~!


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