Exercise and Breast Cancer Risk (Again?!?!)

Exercise and Breast Cancer Risk (Again?!?!)

Breast cancer risk goes down with exercise. We’ve mentioned this in the past for premenopausal women. We’ve mentioned that a healthy BMI (body mass index) reduces risk. We’ve suggested going for a nice walk… but it gets better! You can do push-ups or go for a nice sprint!

In a recent study, it was shown that exercise reduces breast cancer risk. Period. For all women, all risk levels, all ages – everyone. It’s just plain good for you! And if you’re an active mom – you’ll have healthier kids too – beat that!

So in addition to beating the winter blues, being fun, and quite frankly being something you DO have time for… exercise is great for your breast health. There are many things we can’t control when it comes to breast cancer risk – so take the reigns on what you can do!

See you at the gym!

PS If you find exercise causes breast discomfort, we did a post on that too. Solutions abound!





Originally published 3/28/14 on mammographykc.com.