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Exercise and Breast Pain

Exercise and Breast Pain

Here’s an example of chasing yourself in circles, without going for a run at all:

A regular exercise routine decreases your likelihood for breast cancer. Great news! Now, go for a run.

However, a recent study reflects a common problem: breast pain while running causes women to either take an easier path, like walking, or not exercise at all!

So a pain in the breast can get between you and a breast-saving activity. This irony is frustrating to runners or doctors alike (or in my case, I’m both). It’s terrible to lose an enjoyable form of exercise due to a non-injury related pain.

When the New York Times reported on the study, they noted that sometimes a better bra fit can help solve the issue (there’s even a link to a sizing site). This blog itself, in an earlier post noted that sometimes breast pain can be a part of your monthly cycle, and will ease up on its own.

Regardless, I encourage you to be solution-oriented. If running is too uncomfortable, perhaps a low-impact sport like swimming or cycling may do the trick. Or if converting to a different sport doesn’t carry the same satisfaction you can do what I’ve been known to do in the past: double up on sports bras, drop a bra size for sports bras… this helps manage the shifting weight when I work out. I have found this to do the trick.

I don’t want you to associate breast pain with exercise, but would love for you to associate exercise with great breast health!

-Dr. Tricia McGhie