Finding An Accredited Mammography Site

Finding An Accredited Mammography Site

Ok, so you’ve let a few seasons or years pass since your last mammogram… It’s not too late to get on track! Once you’ve made the determination to get your annual screening mammogram – the next hurdle is: Where to go?


All mammography facilities require accreditation. The easiest way to find an accredited facility is this search function. The website will find the nearest facility by zip code. If you live or work near the border of a zip code, you may do well to search by the adjacent one as well. Here’s a handy zip code map.


It’s important to know you have options. There are hospitals as well as stand-alone offices and private clinics which provide mammography services.


The most important consideration for where to go is your comfort with the facility and its people. Being at ease is important in all health related matters – even more so with mammography, as being comfortable may mean a better exam. If you are comfortable, this helps your mammography technologist and you succeed in getting the very best images. Your radiologist will be happy to get quality images that can be read with the best accuracy possible.


You want to find a place that respects your busy schedule. Many facilities are able to work-in patients on the same day – head in or call if you find yourself with time.


Facilities will vary in how soon your results will be provided to you. If stress over those results is an issue for you, try to find a facility that can provide same day results – one less thing to stress about!


And don’t forget if you are going to a new facility to bring your prior mammograms or any breast imaging study with you – or at least the name and location of where your prior studies were done. Previous mammograms are so very important when your mammogram is interpreted – good quality images and old studies will make your radiologist’s day!




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