For the Men in our Lives

For the Men in our Lives

We spend 99% of our time here talking about women’s health (the website is MammographyKC!) which means that the vast majority of our readership is women. That said, we’d like to take some time to talk with you about men’s health here. Why? Because often times, women are the catalysts in the health care action taken by the men in their lives. As wives, mothers, sisters, and friends  – we have a great tendency to take care of each other, and that means encouraging others to better health practices.


As women, we can be helpful in a variety of ways – from recommending a doctor’s visit for a new issue that proves problematic, to working together to eat well and exercise. As human beings, family, friends, doctors and patients, we’re a team that works to ensure best possible health for all.


Why are we talking about men’s health now? Anytime is a good time to talk- though action over talking is much preferred! But it is Movember and you’ll notice a lot more moustaches around town. Men are taking a stand to say men’s health specifically is important too and we’re not going to suffer in silence when diseases can damage lives. We’re going to educate, prevent, detect and fight for good health on all fronts.


So this month you’ll see on our blog here as well as on our general radiology blog, discussions of men’s health issues specifically – from prostate health to male breast cancer (yes, men can get that too) to general health concerns. We’re excited have the opportunity to speak frankly and help make sure the men in our lives get the care they deserve and live their best possible health!



Image credit: Soldier is Hugged by his Wife on his Return from Afghantistan by Defence Images (via Flickr) Copyright Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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