How Getting Your Mammogram Makes You Awesome-r

How Getting Your Mammogram Makes You Awesome-r

So you are going to get your mammogram. What does this say about you?

It says you are a strong person.

Strength brings health.

Grab hold of your health.

Care. Caring is a powerful force and care of your health can propel you to bigger things. Caring will lead you to grow.

What else does going in for your mammogram say about you?

It says you are an incredibly powerful person.

Use your power.

You have the power of a team with you: your primary care physician, your radiologist, the technologist who takes you through the process, your family and friends who support you (nervous? bring a friend with you!) and, undeniably your own self.

You have the power of information on your side, from the science employed to the results that can lead you to healthy decision-making.

YOU have the power of action. Because you took the first step of action. From the moment you thought about scheduling a mammogram, you started to grow bigger than fear. Fear can otherwise lead to inaction. The next step is easy: pick up the phone. Or better yet, go to a walk-in clinic. You’ve crossed the first hurdle – the rest is just increments of your developing empowerment.

Now that you have acknowledged your own strength, your care and your power, you are on your way to better health, greater knowledge and your mammogram.

Know that you are awesome. And getting your mammogram just makes you a little awesome-r. Congrats. We knew you had all that in you.




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