How Much Do You Know About Breast Cancer Risk? (Answers)

How Much Do You Know About Breast Cancer Risk? (Answers)

Now that you’ve taken our breast cancer risk survey… how well did you do? Here’s what we want you to know:

  • Family history increases risk for breast cancer.

  • A lack of family history DOES NOT mean you are exempt – upwards of 80% of all breast cancer cases are diagnosed in individuals who have no family members who have had breast cancer. Having a lucky family doesn’t get you off scott-free.

  • Compression per breast for a mammogram lasts approximately 10 seconds. That’s it. Were you nervous about discomfort? It’s over in a flash!

  • Early detection saves lives! Over 90% of breast cancers can be beat back – if caught early. This underscores the need for vigilance: annual screening mammograms, annual clinical breast exams and monthly self-exams are key.





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