KC Business Journal Notes Our High Level of Care… and Affordable Level of Costs

KC Business Journal Notes Our High Level of Care… and Affordable Level of Costs

When it comes to being experts, we are confident radiologists. We work hard, we work as a team, we learn and grow continuously, and we don’t treat knowledge like it’s a secret. We want you to be able to make the best possible health choices by arming you with the best possible information. This is why we are here – for you, for your health.


We are crazy about our patients, we are crazy about women’s health, we are crazy about radiology… and when a patient can’t get access to affordable care, that makes us the other kind of crazy.


Medical costs, insurance, the Affordable Care Act – these are all important things to talk about, and very difficult to discuss at times. This is why we generally focus on your health, with less emphasis on our clinics specifically. But we – Diagnostic Imaging Centers –  were recognized by the KC Business Journal because of our best practices. We strongly feel the need to impart a different kind of empowering information. Let’s talk:


1. You have a choice in where you go for medical imaging. When your doctor orders a medical imaging study.… You can say, “Stop. I want to look at my options. And I choose ___.”


2. Medical costs should not be shrouded in mystery. Call around. Some hospitals and clinics “can’t”/won’t give you a straight answer. But some will. (Take one guess what our policy is… hint: we share actual numbers.)


3. Quality is quantifiable. While bedside manner is hard to measure in numbers, there are important aspects of your health care that CAN be quantified, rated, ranked, accredited. For us, making sure we reach high standards of quality runs from our friendly call centers (no kidding – try us! 913-334-9989), to having a tech walk you through the steps of your procedure and not just pointing to an exit door at the end of your visit. We have radiologists available to speak with – and we are all accredited by the American College of Radiology. Surprise, that’s not a requirement for radiologists – that’s going the extra mile.


When we speak with pride about ourselves, we’re not just doing it to drum up business (full disclosure: we do work for a living). We believe in, and strive for, a higher standard.


How good are we? If you haven’t clicked the link to the Business Journal article, here’s a snippet:


“Prices for that [MRI of the brain stem without contrasting dye] procedure ranged from $1,619.64 at Diagnostic Imaging Centers of Kansas City to $3,909.76 at Olathe Medical Center. The lower-priced provider had a higher ACR accreditation than the higher-priced provider for this procedure.” 


We take this seriously and we take you seriously. You are invested in your health, and so are we. We hope to see you for your annual screenings… and not too soon for anything else!


Cheers to your best possible health, with the best care at the most affordable costs!





Originally published 8/16/13 on diagnosticimagingcenterskc.com.