Keep Exercising (Baby It’s Cold Outside)

Keep Exercising (Baby It’s Cold Outside)

Baby, it’s cold outside!


We love that exercise decreases your risk of breast cancer, is good in a bazillion other ways and can (gasp!) even be fun… but can an exercise regimen be ruined by the winter weather and holiday to-do lists? Only if you let it. The key word here is flexibility.


Flexibility is key to keeping up with that all important cardiovascular exercise during this time of year. Flexibility in when and where you squeeze in your heart-pumping activities – and flexibility in what you do – can make it easier to keep at it.


Can you go for a run or walk in the cold? Yes, but… wear appropriate layers. Be ready to peel off a layer, as your body temperature can make it feel a lot warmer than it is. Just because you feel warmer doesn’t make it warmer so protect your extremities: wear hats and gloves, friends, hats and gloves.


Can you do something besides run in the cold? Sure! Cross-country skiing is amazing – but it does require equipment. Skiis, snowshoes, snowboards can be worthy investments if you live where snow is a given. You know what doesn’t cost a thing? Building a snowman. Sledding (minimal buy-in cost, esp if you’re using an old plastic trashcan lid…) is great exercise too.  Heck, going for a walk in the snow can resemble some high-knees action. Best return to childhood aerobics? Snow angels :).


Do you have to go outside? Heck no! Exercising inside when the weather is uncooperative makes good sense. Many local  libraries have exercise DVDs you can check-out for free (here’s our favorite library resource site).


Does it have to take an hour? No! Any cardiovascular exercise raising your heart rate is of benefit – if you are crunched for time, there are even apps out there with 10 minute – yes, 10 minute- exercise programs you can fit in ANY time! We love these short bursts of activity for squeezing in when the day just has too much on the to-do side!


So in these hectic times with not-so-nice winter weather, be flexible and strive to continue those workouts – indoors or out! You’ll feel better knowing you’re keeping on track to your best possible health.





Image credit: WWIP Ice skaters by World Wide Ice Professionals, foto hecha por Chris Anderson via Wikimedia Commons Copyright Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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