Lee Denim Day Today!

Lee Denim Day Today!

Jeans used to be the workingman’s clothes. Then they were the fashionable woman’s clothes. Today, they are breast cancer awareness clothes.  


Yep, it’s officially October and today is officially Lee Denim Day, that special holiday during which fashionable working men and women wear jeans to work – with a purpose.  


On Lee Denim Day, for a contribution of $5 to the beating-breast-cancer cause, employers across the country are allowing their people to break dress code, throw on a pair of jeans (and a pink shirt if you’re snazzy) and throw support behind all who champion breast health.  


Remember to ask if your employer does contribution-matching and ask for that nifty “I am helping to finish the fight” sticker for your lapel. Never did dressing down feel so good!





Image credit: hot pink jeans by Erica Schoonmaker via Flickr Copyright Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Originally published 10/3/14 on mammographykc.com.