Life on a Line

Life on a Line

From the painfully slow ticking of the clock before the end of the workday, to the bizarre speed it takes during vacation, time is never static.


In medicine, we note time in all manner of ways: heartbeats per minute; months, then  years of life; arbitrarily set forth eras, like from menarche to menopause. We as doctors focus on your needs based on your timeline with differing concerns and evaluations often based on your age. As radiologists and breast imagers, “Happy 40th Birthday” means time for your annual screening mammograms* to begin!


There are so many benchmarks of time in our lives from the everyday to the monumental. Taking time to enjoy the moments – big and small – and taking time to make sure you are in your best possible health are goals for which we strive.


We don’t want the incessant little but important things to pull focus from the bigger ones – the fun to be had, the growing, sharing, and chasing dreams. To that end, we can offer you this: a simple health timeline, a little map to guide you along the way of life so you can have a long, happy healthy one. A list of what to do and when to do it  to be your healthiest self.


Our goal is to be there to help you take care of you, so you can do all the things you’ve set out to, and a few you haven’t begun to dream about. Take good care, call us when you need us, and come in for your check-ups. As Mary Oliver asked, What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


*for women at average risk


Image: Public Domain