Mammograms: The Important Made Simple

Mammograms: The Important Made Simple

We’ve all heard the recommendation: annual mammograms are important for women age 40 and over. Mammograms are necessary for early detection of breast cancer. Remember one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, and very few of those (15% or less) will have a family history of the disease!


Yes, you’ll have to partially disrobe, but no, you do not have to take off all your clothes. Mammograms use low dose x-ray technology; no needles are required. The mammogram does not take very long – you’ll be dressed and ready to leave within approximately 20 minutes.


Mammograms aren’t a complicated experience, and a good facility will make sure you are well taken care of and comfortable. Some facilities offer on-site radiologists to immediately read your study so you can leave with your results. No wait, no worries.


Mammograms are simply x-rays with the power to give you the best information for the healthiest possible life.


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