Mammograms: Why Go It Alone?

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Mammograms: Why Go It Alone?

While mammograms are now a routine part of breast health care, there are women who do not undergo recommended screening for lots of reasons, including nervousness or the fear that it will be an uncomfortable procedure. The good news is that the small amount of discomfort doesn’t last for long. And as far as nerves go, it’s okay to bring a friend. In fact, why not go together and get both of yours done on the same day?

Friends are a great resource when it comes to personal health. People who will make you laugh, or feel loved, or simply distract you from your worries are good for you! And your friendship in turn, can be good for them too. So, buddy up when it’s time for your annual mammogram. You can help each other remember to take care of yourselves and be there for each other when waiting for results.

There are other ways of finding support when it comes to not going solo on your trip to the radiologist. Some offices or other organizations even hold Mammo Parties! At Diagnostic Imaging Centers, our Mammo Parties have included 5-minute massages, snacks, drinks, and raffle prizes.

So whether you’re looking to make a routine procedure a little more interesting or need to take the edge off of the fear of the unknown, it’s worth looking into ways to improve your mammogram experience. That’s what friends are for.



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