Mammography – gasp – a Pleasant Experience

Mammography – gasp – a Pleasant Experience

We are hopeful that all mammograms are as pleasant and low-stress as possible, no matter where you go! We know (and experience first hand!) the  yearly mammogram anxiety. But we want to assure you, the stress is worth it and at times, yes, the whole procedure can actually be pleasant.  


Pleasant in having the technologist take the time to explain, pleasant in honoring your schedule, pleasant in finding out those results without a long wait. There are accredited facilities that offer immediate results, walk-ins, and weekend hours all of which can help make the process less anxiety-producing.   There are compassionate and caring technologists and radiologists who have made it their life goal to improve the health of women everywhere! That’s what we want for you – caring compassionate breast imaging.  


So why highlight this lovely quote from one of our patients? Because this tech is not an exception. Her dedication is typical of mammography technologists who do a sometimes thankless job with caring and dedication. She is someone whose intentions are to cause the least amount of discomfort for the shortest period of time yielding the most perfect images.  


Fear sometimes keeps us from taking the steps to care for ourselves. We hope this personal testimonial will help convince you that you need not let fear keep you from getting the mammogram that could potentially save your life. There are special people in the business of breast health care who can help you on the road to your best possible health!




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