New Study: What 30% Means to Us

New Study: What 30% Means to Us

We have advocated many times over for annual screening mammograms because early detection saves lives. We wouldn’t be saying this if it were not true.  


As if a multitude of studies weren’t enough to speak to the good that screening mammograms can do, here’s yet another one… with an amazing number in it (don’t worry you don’t have to calculate anything).   In a recent issue of the British Medical Journal, a new study reports that screenings can prevent loss of life due to breast cancer by nearly 30%. That’s some serious stuff!  


The earlier breast cancer can be caught, the recovery rates skyrocket. And often times, mammography can catch cancer before it can be felt by hand or by feelings of illness. In an era where there’s still not enough defense (there is still no cure), mammography is our best offensive move. It’s proactive, helpful and healthful.  


If you haven’t yet had your annual screening mammogram, if the numbers 1-in-8 don’t give you pause, perhaps the number 30% will give you encouragement.





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