Notes For Your Annual Mammogram

Notes For Your Annual Mammogram

While most women know to get a mammogram annually, there are a few helpful things you can do to make the process better for you and for the radiologist reading your study.


One important step is to make sure your prior mammograms and any other breast imaging studies are available for comparison. If you’re returning to the same imaging center, your previous images will be on file. If you are new to the clinic, the prior studies will need to be sent to the new facility.


The day of your mammogram, it’s best not to wear deodorant, perfume or lotion above the waist until after your appointment as they may cause artifacts on the images.


Dressing for the occasion is as simple as wearing a shirt with skirt or pants instead of a dress, so that you won’t have to fully disrobe.


It’s also a good plan to schedule your mammogram according to your menstrual cycle. Days 7-10 will generally have less discomfort. If you make note of these steps for your annual mammogram, you will be more comfortable and your radiologist will be better able to help you.. And who doesn’t want that?



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