…one of them could be YOURS

…one of them could be YOURS

We love women’s health, and we love quality information, which is part of why we love MammographySavesLives.org  (but you knew that). Their website is full of useful information about breast imaging and screening. Their PSA, below, shows why we support experts’ current recommendations to start mammograms at age 40 if you are of average risk for breast cancer and have those mammograms every year.


Who is average risk? Any woman with breasts, without a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, without a history of syndromes associated with breast cancer and without history of radiation therapy. In short, the average risk category is home to most women.


For women with special circumstances, such as a BRCA genetic mutation, family history of breast or ovarian cancer or other diseases/treatments which increase their risk for breast cancer, earlier screenings may be recommended.


As always, we ask you to talk to your medical provider and perform your regular self-exams! Together, we can save lives!


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Originally published 9/23/13 on mammographykc.com.