Ovarian Cancer and Weight

Ovarian Cancer and Weight

We often tout the benefits of exercise (again and again) when it comes to breast health and reducing breast cancer risk, but recent studies as reported in Medical News Today have shown that in the case of ovarian cancer, maintaining healthy weight is the way to go!


While the risk of developing ovarian cancer is much less than the risk of developing breast cancer, the detection of ovarian cancer presents challenges.  Ovarian cancer is more difficult to detect at earlier, more treatable stages in part due to the lack of a regular screening exam (there is no test like a mammogram to routinely screen for the disease). Like most cancers, the earlier the stage at detection correlates with improved survival and potentially less difficult treatments. This study showed a correlation between body mass index (BMI) and risk of ovarian cancer, with women with a BMI over 28.4 at increased risk for ovarian cancer compared with those with a lower BMI. Another reason to keep that weight in the healthy range!


Lifestyle choices can make a huge difference in maintaining the best health and why we encourage eating well, sleeping well, keeping your lungs free of smoke, making time to get your heart rate UP and maintaining a healthy weight. While there remains no cut and dry solution for cancer, this study supports healthy weight as another goal for reducing overall risk.


For a start, here’s a place to check your Body Mass Index. If yours is not where you want it, take steps and get the help you need to reach your goal We know you can do it!




Image credit: A young woman stretching outdoors before exercising by CDC/ Amanda Mills via FreeStockPhotos.biz Copyright Public Domain

Originally published 4/7/14 on mammographykc.com.