Save a Man’s Heart!

Save a Man’s Heart!

Having seen enough episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (or ER or any of a dozen other TV shows about medical practitioners) you may well know the amount of work a doctor can put in to save a man’s heart. OK, that is television and not real life.  As doctors, we love to save lives! We prefer to do it preventatively and proactively.  


So… what does it take to save a man’s heart? It is easy; exercise, limited alcohol consumption, no cigarettes and a healthy BMI are the keys. The more items a man follows from this list, the better protection for the heart.  

Here’s what blew our collective mind:  

80% = the number of heart attacks in men that are preventable with a healthy lifestyle. Eighty! 36% = the risk reduction of heart attack by not smoking 12% = the risk reduction of heart attack by keep a waist measurement below 37” 3% = the risk reduction of heart attack by exercising on a regular basis.  


These numbers come from a recent study in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology. And also from the land of amazingly great news.  


Get yourself or your man on the road to your best possible health by engaging in a healthier lifestyle and make those numbers work in your favor!    





Image credit: Obesity-waist circumference by Victovoi via Wikimedia Commons Copyright Public Domain

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