So Far, So… Flax

So Far, So… Flax

We will, from time to time here, discuss research in modern breast health. As big fans of science, we prefer facts to speculation (by a LOT) but there’s a lot to be said for the progress of discovery. So let’s talk about some major on-going studies. Today, we’re talking flaxseed.

Flaxseed has already been declared by some as a miracle-food (which would be wonderful) and regarded more cautiously by others. Ultimately the jury is still out. However, the jury is hopeful, and hard at work with positive feedback thus far. (To learn more about the work by “the jury” aka Dr. Carol Fabian and her team, click here and scroll down to page 4.)

What is the big deal about flaxseed and breast cancer? Flaxseed contains lignans – chemicals that behave like estrogen and which act as antioxidants. In breast cancer specifically, some tumors have receptors for estrogen, and lignans may get in there and take the place of estrogen, thus preventing the tumors from growing. Antioxidant properties of flaxseed may also play a role in cancer prevention. Research is ongoing as to the use of flaxseed in preventing the development of breast cancer in at risk women.

So, will flaxseed solve the breast cancer prevention problem? We would like that very much. But for now, we eat it because it is very good for us, and wish Dr. Fabian et al the best as they charge forward in this important cause. (If you’d like to help, their work is ongoing, and, in fact, they are looking for more participants! For more about the study and who to contact to participate, follow this link.)




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