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The Benefits of Breast MRIs When Implants Are Present

The Benefits of Breast MRIs When Implants Are Present

In a recent study by the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, the importance of breast MRIs for women with implants has once again been highlighted. Simply put: breast implants can make mammograms more difficult to read.  The implants can block breast tissue and breast problems from being seen on a mammogram.  Breast MRI exams do not have this problem.

The study found that in cases of women who had implants and cancer, MRIs exams added information including better tumor definition, size, length, volume and location.  MRI had advantage in several cases showing additional tumors and tumor spreading into surrounding structures like chest muscles. This means that the use of MRI exams may improve the preoperative evaluation in women with implants and a diagnosis of breast cancer.  This discovery process which in turn can accelerate the journey toward better health.

It is important to note that breast MRIs are not standard practice for screening for breast cancer.  Instead in this patient group, the breast MRI is used in addition to mammography and breast ultrasound to improve the work up. An MRI exam must be ordered by a referring care provider.



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