The Most Important Person When It Comes To Breast Health – YOU!

The Most Important Person When It Comes To Breast Health – YOU!

We’ve been spending some time introducing the various people on team mammogram, from the people you interact with, like our super technologists, to the many behind the scenes people. While there are many wonderful people on the team that work hard for your best possible breast health, the champion of it all is YOU.


You are the first line of defense – from self-exams, to noticing changes, to letting your physician know when you have concerns… And especially coming in for your annual screening mammogram. Early detection is key. It starts with you.


As physicians specializing in breast imaging, we have so many success stories – but the credit for success is not ours -rather it is the success of the team, including our patients. We see women on a regular basis who are heroes in their own health – who inspire us to keep doing what we do. Our role is often  just the first step on a very bumpy road…


We often receive humbling and touching thank you cards from women after they have been through their treatment, letting us know they are doing well. We have received thrilled celebratory party invitations for “cancerversaries” – honoring the distance traveled back to a clean bill of health. These notes and personal thank yous are cherished – we are a small part of a big team, working together with you at the helm.


So today we recognize you as the central part of the mammogram team. We say THANK YOU. Thank you for taking care of yourselves so that we can play a small role in the team focused on saving lives. You’re the captain. We’re thrilled to work with such a brave, health-oriented woman like you.




Image credit: Fight like a girl! by Sandra Marek (via Flickr) Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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