The Power of Sisters

The Power of Sisters

We have told you before that we love our jobs – but some days we love more than others. We cherish the days when simple acts make us smile and remind us of why we do what we do.


At the end of a typical day recently, our last two patients proved it is easier to face the stress of your yearly screening with a friend at your back. These two sisters (octogenarians, both) have been coming together for their mammograms for years – as well as supporting each other in different ways all their lives. They said coming together to get their mammograms made it “friendlier” and easier to do.


The younger sister related that when she was off at college her big sister (yes, she still calls her the big sister!) used to send her letters that kept her from getting lonely – helping her handle her first time away from home and helping her succeed.


One was an educator, and at first they were reluctant to share their picture and story. When asked if it would be used to help educate and encourage others to do as they have done, they were all for it.


We should say that not all of us will be fortunate to have sisters, or have sisters nearby to go with us for our yearly appointments. Sisters though are not just those we are born into a family with – they are sometimes the sisters of our hearts we get to choose. Support from a distance is the next best thing. So if you do face it alone, text, write, or phone your sister – she will be sure to have your back – and make you smile.


Never underestimate the power of sisterhood!




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