Thumbs Up for Breast Health!

Thumbs Up for Breast Health!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Get the thumbs up from your radiologist for taking care of yourself by getting your annual mammogram!













You’re number one! You are the first line of defense in breast health – schedule your annual mammogram, get your regular clinical breast exams, perform your monthly self-exams and most importantly – if you see (or feel) something, say something! Know your normal!















You and your doctors are a team. Don’t forget you have allies when it comes to breast health – talk to your physician if you notice unusual changes and let them help you!












Promise on a ring: Make the vow to take care of yourself and keep that promise! Your loved ones will be grateful that you do!













Pinky promise! Being committed to your best possible health is wonderful, but what could be better than helping save someone else’s life? Support your friends and family: get them to pinky promise to take care of their own breast health as well. Early detection saves lives! Help educate others and everyone can enjoy their best possible health!










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