Thyroid Shield For Your Mammogram?

Thyroid Shield For Your Mammogram?

Do you need thyroid protection when going in for your mammogram?


The short answer is: We say no.


The slightly longer one is: While the thyroid is susceptible to radiation, the amount of exposure during a mammogram is low and focused to the area of the breast.  The thyroid is not in the path of the radiation, and the amount of radiation it receives from scatter is minimal. Even the American Thyroid Association has released a statement saying that screening mammograms do not require thyroid shields.


The most thorough answer we found is here, by Marcia G. Yerman for the website EmpowHer. She hit the nail on the head. Compellingly written, well-sourced, and full of facts – if you want more information check out the article.  And rest easy – no thyroid shield necessary for your mammogram!




Image credit: Thyroide by Arnavaz via fr.wikipedia Copyright Public Domain

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