We Love… Gilda’s Club

We Love… Gilda’s Club

Let’s face it. There are groups we are a part of because that’s the way things happen, and groups we belong to because we choose to be a part of them. Sometimes, one drives the other.


Such is the case with Cancer. No one asks to sign up for that. Yet with grace and grit, cancer-fighters are everywhere, and they are awesome.


One club that people do sign up for is Gilda’s Club. It is a volunteer organization created for those cancer-fighting warriors and their support systems of family and friends. Gilda’s Club brings community to those who need it in a special way. And it stems from the inspiration of a very special woman.


Gilda Radner was a cancer-fighter, a brilliant comedienne, and a light in the lives of many people. Her legacy makes us laugh at her old SNL sketches, and we still purposely mispronounce Barbara Walters’ name in her honor. Her legacy helped to create a place for people fighting cancer to come together, to touch each other’s lives and offer strength in times of need.


Today we want to honor Gilda’s Club on our blog by saying thank you to a great organization providing crucial services. And we wanted you to know about it- there are resources for those who have cancer in their lives. There are events and conversations, caring people willing to be there for all of it – laughter and tears alike. But especially laughter – “the best medicine.”




Image credit: Gene Wilder – Gilda Radner Source Wikimedia Commons Copyright Public Domain

Originally published 11/22/13 on mammographykc.com.