We Love… Prostate Cancer Networking Group!

We Love… Prostate Cancer Networking Group!

We love Prostate Cancer Networking Group… and we think you should like them too!  


In Kansas City, this wonderful organization seeks to help:  

Men who have, or have had, prostate cancer give valuable support to others through their involvement with the prostate cancer networking group.  Just as men have received support from this group, they can in turn offer other patients and their families patience, strength, and endurance through their experiences with diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 


Isn’t that just what the doctor ordered? Cancer care reaches far beyond treatments and deeply into the lives of those affected by it.  


Emotional support isn’t spoken of nearly often enough when it comes to the Big Battle – partly because patients are so focused on physical well-being that repercussions elsewhere in life fall second to simple survival. But to live the best possible life during and after cancer is our wish for all those who fight… and the Prostate Cancer Networking Group is here to fill that gap!  


As doctors, our biggest hope is to see and end to cancer entirely.  Until then, we work as a team providing care and support needed. Everyone deserves a guide on the road to their best possible health and we appreciate Prostate Cancer Networking Group for filling that role for men with prostate cancer!  


PCNG meets regularly:

We invite all prostate cancer survivors, their partners and those helping in the fight to join us.” Meetings held 3rd Wednesday, monthly 6:30 – 7:30 PM Gilda’s Club Kansas City 21 West 43rd KC, MO





Originally published 9/22/14 on diagnosticimagingcenterskc.com.