We Love… Susan G. Komen!

We Love… Susan G. Komen!

On MammographyKC.com we celebrate health – women’s health, breast health – and community. As much as we talk about the importance of self-examination and regularly scheduled mammograms, we find it important to elevate others: the people who help us on the journey of good health. These people range from individuals, such as your mammo tech or family members to nonprofit organizations that help rally the strength of a group of people to fight the good fight. We’d like to see an end to cancer.

Recently, we had the occasion to interview Susan G. Komen of Greater Kansas City about who they are, what they’re doing… and what’s to come. Due to the length of the piece, it will occur in two installments over the next two days.


Part I.


What is the mission of Susan G. Komen?

The mission of Susan G. Komen is to save lives and end breast cancer forever. Our vision is a world without breast cancer.

How has that mission changed over the last ten years?

Susan G. Komen’s’ mission is the same today as it was the day of its founding more than 30 years ago: to find a cure and eradicate breast cancer.  We know much more about breast cancer than ever before, but, there is still much to learn. We now know that breast cancer is not one disease but a family of diseases  and an individual with breast cancer will have a unique approach to fighting and treating the disease. Research has allowed us to continue to target each type of breast cancer in a more specific effort and we continue to learn more with research. In addition, we have done great work in spreading the message of the importance of regular breast cancer screening, however, there are still women with and without insurance who are not getting screened. This can be attributed to various reasons but it still shows a need for education, navigation to services, and a deep look at barriers which stand in the way of the screening process.

What changes do you anticipate with ACA – how it will affect your approach?

There is a lot that remains to be seen when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We are grateful that all of Susan G. Komen’s priorities were included in the health reform law. Those issues include: Mammography as a required benefit; Breast cancer education for young women; Access to clinical trials and patient navigation; Elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions, lifetime and annual caps and out of pocket spending limits. As we get closer to 2014, we will begin to see what needs will remain after the ACA is in full implementation. We know changes to our granting structure and also outreach will likely occur, but, we do not plan to make any major changes to our operations until we fully see the effects of the ACA.




Originally published 12/3/13 on mammographykc.com.