We Love… Warriors for Warriors!

We Love… Warriors for Warriors!

We love people. We care deeply about our patients (and readers!). The journey of a breast cancer survivor can be a roller coaster ride, and while the medical community can do much to help in navigating that course, doctors alone can’t do it all. The advice, guidance, words of wisdom and listening ears of someone who has been there, can make a huge difference. To breast cancer survivors who share of themselves in this way we say, “Thank you!”


Today we’d like to give a little love and thanks to the great folks at Warriors 4 Warriors Foundation. They are a small nonprofit with a big impact. How? It’s so simple, you’d be surprised. They do it by being there for each other


In their words:

“Our Mission is to connect Pink Warriors around the globe, so that no one walks the path of breast cancer alone. Through awareness, inspiration, motivation, assistance and support we will join you in your own journey to help you live the best life possible during and after a diagnosis. Our pink shields are up and we are ready to fight and win this battle with you!”


Two of our favorite aspects of the many services they provide include patient navigation and care packages. These two things can make a powerful difference in the life of someone newly facing the diagnosis of breast cancer. Patient navigation, as highlighted by our hero Dee Dee Ricks, exists to help those who are sick find their way through the tangle of medical orders, insurance paperwork and the steps of complicated treatment plans. Patient navigators are there to support those in need! We love that Warriors 4 Warriors offers this kind of help.


For breast cancer survivors, the words and wisdom of those who have been there and done that can make a huge difference. We applaud Warriors 4 Warriors for being there and helping light the way!



Originally published 5/15/14 on mammographykc.com.