Women’s Health: Canines Are Cool (Go Ahead, Act Surprised)

Women’s Health: Canines Are Cool (Go Ahead, Act Surprised)

Thus far, mammograms are the best tool we have for screening for the early detection of breast cancer. For now, we’re sticking with what we know works – self exams, clinical breast exams and annual screening mammograms.  


But we love to see science get creative. We’re not sure who started the line of thought but we love that this study was done. As it turns out, dogs’ noses aren’t just good for tracking scents, they are also potentially useful tools in finding cancers. Research has been conducted on ovarian and prostate cancer with plans to include breast cancer in studies on canine sniffing in the future.  


Check it out: Canines’ Cancer-Sniffing Snouts Showing 90%-Plus Accuracy. We are a long way from replacing our mammography units with pups, but we are all for research aimed at finding more accurate, simpler means of finding cancer! We’re giving Fido an honorary pink ribbon for joining the team of “Let’s Beat Cancer!”





Image attribution: Quite the happy dog by Lars Curfs via Wikimedia Commons Copyright Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

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