Yes, We Practice What We Preach…

Yes, We Practice What We Preach…

We did it! We got our annual mammograms!

As co-authors of a blog on mammography, we practice what we preach, and we go through what we talk about.

  • We reminded each other – OK, Dr. Harrison is the one who always remembers.
  • We were nervous.
  • We did it anyway.
  • We brought each other along with to support each other.
  • We try to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • We are imperfect in that pursuit (sedentary jobs) but we strive to make up for it (exercise!).

One of us required additional views because of a new density which lead to a breast ultrasound with benign findings. You know what? Being educated on the fact that 1 in 10 women may need additional views and/or  a breast ultrasound makes it not so scary. If you experience the same thing, you’re in good company, right along with a mammography blog author.

Now, we’re blogging all about it. Yes, we are telling the whole world (or at least the internet, which is sort of the whole world) that we got our annual mammograms. You may do or be all of the above, but you’re not required to write about it online. That’s just a little perk of writing here.

Here’s to a great day,

Drs. Tricia McGhie and Linda Harrison

PS We turned out okay. One more year of good health under our belts. Cheers!