October Is Coming

October Is Coming

SPOILER ALERT: What you read next can save lives. Proceed with knowledge.


October is breast cancer awareness month but we like to remind you that breast health is year-round. There’s no reason to wait 31 days for the October frenzy to come around! You can schedule now to beat the last quarter of the year rush or walk into an outpatient medical imaging facility and leave with results in-hand (at least that’s how we do it).


There’s also no reason to wait until you’re fifty to start getting annual screening mammograms. While the general population gets mixed messages from different organizations… we can help. This is one of our areas of expertise, and we can back up our claims with science. And science says: annual screening mammograms starting at age 40 save lives.


Repeated studies reveal the importance of early detection: if we catch breast cancer early enough, the chances of a longer, healthier life skyrocket. Additionally, the age at which screenings begin is a life-saving matter. Just to refresh us on this fact, the medical journal Cancer recently published a study reiterating that the risk/reward ratio weighs heavily in favor of yearly screenings from age 40 forward. Starting screening at age 40 saves the MOST lives.


So the decorations around town are about to get pinker, and our fall is about to get busier. Best of all, our friends in their forties are about to improve their lives with something as simple as a screening. October is coming. And so is your best possible health.