Teamwork and Gratitude

Teamwork and Gratitude

On this past Friday, I was fortunate enough to attend an event that reminded me of why I do what I do, every day. It was a day of a unique team working together and a day of inspiring gratitude.


Diagnostic Imaging Centers is a Kansas City owned and run business for over 50 years, and we are proud to call Kansas City home and its teams our own. The team working on Friday deserves as much praise and accolades as our teams in royal and red!


Kansas City is blessed with many options leading towards a healthy life, including seemingly abundant medical facilities. And yet, studies, including community profiles done by Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City have shown unsettling disparities in breast cancer in our hometown. This includes a greater percentage of advanced stage breast cancer diagnoses in some counties and higher death rates from breast cancer – disturbing numbers that show a need for changes in the way the health community fights this disease.


Enter the great team we had on Friday.


Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City and the Kansas CIty Police Officers Memorial Foundation teamed up with Diagnostic Imaging Centers’ mobile 3D mammography coach to offer a day of screening mammograms to the women of southern Jackson county at the beautiful South Patrol facility. The day began before 7 am with our team bringing the coach to the facility. At 7, the coach was full with women checking in and waiting their turn with our caring technologists.


A total of 49 potentially life-saving screening mammograms were done by day’s end, the vast majority for women without insurance. Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City and the Memorial Officers Foundation teamed up to make it possible for women without insurance to undergo screening.


What a team, what a gift to the community!


And from the women undergo screening, such gratitude. I wish all members of the team making this possible could have received those thanks, those hugs, even seen those few tears shed in gratitude for the opportunity to access screening. An access to screening that has been shown to save lives from breast cancer in women over the age of 40, an access to screening and the possibility to in a small way address the disparity in breast cancer across our city.


I was only there a short time, but the women I met made an impression. Thank you for the hugs and selfies, and happy 60th birthday to the woman who gifted herself with this step towards better health on her special day!


Thank you women for reminding me of why I do what I do, day after day. And thank you to this team that made an amazing day possible.



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