What is the number one breast cancer symptom?

What is the number one breast cancer symptom?

Stop and think. What is the most common symptom for ladies diagnosed with breast cancer?


The answer may be a surprise:  breast cancer is most often diagnosed today in women with NO symptoms at all!  The majority of breast cancers found in women are during regular screening mammogram studies. That means women like you – feeling perfectly healthy with normal breast exams.


Finding breast cancer BEFORE it causes symptoms, at its smallest, most easily treated size, is our best defense against this disease. Simply put, having an annual mammogram could save your life.


There are breast problems that can be related to, or signs of, breast cancer:

  • A mass or lump – (although remember most breast lumps are NOT cancer, but in fact are much more likely to be a noncancerous growth or cyst)
  • Swelling or change in breast size or shape
  • Pulling in or abnormal retraction of the breast skin or nipple
  • Leakage from the nipple, often bloody
  • Dimpling of the skin of the breast or nipple (sometimes likened to the texture of the skin of an orange)


If you have ANY of the above signs or symptoms, see your doctor right away. But, don’t let the absence of symptoms keep you from our door!

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 Here’s an example of a small cancer outlined by the green circle.

 It was found on a 3D mammogram in a woman without any symptoms




Spread the word – no symptoms does not mean no cancer! Have your yearly mammogram for your best possible breast health.