Magnetic eyelashes – great for a date, but not for your MRI


Magnetic eyelashes – great for a date, but not for your MRI

Magnetic eyelashes are one of the latest make-up crazes. This new make-up trend for false eyelashes uses multiple magnets to secure false eyelashes to your lids instead of the traditional glues or adhesives. Intriguing, right?

Safety for our patients and staff for MRI studies is a top priority. Anything magnetic, or anything potentially affected by magnets, needs to be known and considered prior to even entering the MRI suite – remember, the powerful magnets are ALWAYS on!

So, are these eyelash extensions with tiny magnets a problem for patients undergoing MRI? The short answer is yes!

Magnetic eyelashes have been studied, and the results say no to magnetic eyelashes during MRI studies. There are two issues with these lashes. The first is safety. Studies show these magnetic lashes can be displaced by the MRI! Displacing anything worn next to your eye is a big no-no.

The second issue is from artifact on studies of the brain, eyes or face. The tiny magnets interfere with the image creation and create large areas where adjacent parts of the brain and face will not be visible.

Safety first – no magnetic eyelashes when you’re having that MRI!