Welcome Dr. Pippin

Pippin Kc

Welcome Dr. Pippin

We have a new doctor joining our team of radiologists at Diagnostic Imaging Centers. We’d like to introduce you to Dr. Kaley Pippin!

Dr. Pippin joins our team with a focus on neuroradiology.  She recently wrapped up her fellowship at Emory in Atlanta and is excited to return to Kansas, where she grew up and spent many of her early years.  Dr. Pippin is looking forward to connecting with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctors in the metro to give their patients the best possible care when it comes to medical imaging.

Dr. Pippin lived in the metro when she was in medical school at the University of Kansas and is excited to return to the big city that feels like a small town.  She says, “The BBQ is amazing and I can’t wait to have that back.”  She’s also ready to be back and closer to her friends and family, and ready to leave Atlanta traffic behind!

In her free time, Dr. Pippin loves taking her dogs to explore new areas, and reading. She enjoys cooking, baking and trying new things.

If you see Dr. Pippin around the clinic, introduce yourself and welcome her home. And, if you happen to go to the Kyle Petty experience at the Kansas Speedway, you might just bump into her. She loves driving fast cars on closed courses… vroom!

Pippen Porsche